Bless Those Who Have Blessed You

One of my greatest keys to whatever success I have had has been to make sure that I surround myself and connect myself to excellent people and/or organizations.  I have been VERY blessed to have been drawn to and/or to have drawn to me people of very high caliber and successful experience and vision...people of excellence.  Since you are who your closest friends/associations are, I can say that these "Partnerships" have made me who I am. 

I have partnerships formed in business and ministry and my personal life.  Some I am affiliated with.  Some are affiliated with me. Some have been my supporters. Some have been part of my support team along the way.  Some are peers who I admire and hope to be like when I grow up...hehe.  Some offer essential services that keep me, my ministry, my music, or my businesses moving forward.  Others will lock arms with me as we each take our ventures to even higher levels. 

I am very proud of all of these relationships, friendships, and associations.  And I look forward to showcasing many of them in here over time. You can learn about some of our ministry partners HERE

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