Stirring the Sleeping Giant

Stirring the Sleeping Giant 

All of my life, I have been wired to be an encourager.  I love knowing that something I said or did helped somebody else get closer to their goal. Whenever I led a ministry or a business type venture, I was always happiest when I was in a servant or assistant role.  I love to lift the arms of tired teammates and push together for a win. 

I have been a Christian for over 35 years and a pastor for more than 20 of those years. I have been a ministry builder from the beginning.  Over time in this blog, I will share with you about some of those ministries.  But for now, I want to point to our current ministry...Red Gone White Church.  This is a huge topic and will take some time to break down,

But to break the ice, I want to give you a detailed look at one of the Mission Statements of this church... it is  "Stirring the Sleeping Giant".  It was one of my main themes while preaching in Africa not long ago.  Between two trips to Africa in a 12 months period (Dec 2018- Dec 2019), I was there for about 6-7 weeks combined.  In that timeframe, I preached 65 times in four countries.

I preached about the sleeping giant in each Christian.  I preached about the sleeping giant known as the Local Church. And I preached about the sleeping giant known as The Worldwide Church. I am sent to "Stir...the sleeping...giant".  There are three parts to this message. 

First, "to stir" is to arouse...maybe even to annoy/disturb from a peaceful, deaf/blind bliss. Satan would love it if every Christian, every local church, and The Worldwide Church would remain lulled and silent and asleep and therefore useless and a non-threat. BUT...what if they woke up?  

The second part is "the sleeping"...While asleep, our eyes are closed.  While asleep, our bodies are weak and limp and lifeless.  While asleep, we are defenseless.  While asleep, we are useless. 

The third part is that (as Christians) we are each, in reality, a "giant".  First off, understand that the God of the universe has taken up residence within you in the form of the Holy Spirit.  And as a 'Christ'-ian, by definition, you bear the name and the likeness of Christ.  And you have been accepted into "The Father's House"...You are part of the "Family of God".  SO...The Giant, of God Himself is manifested and living in and for you.  BUT also you have become a new immortal being with the namesake and the potential to do "All things through Christ who gives you strength"- Phillipians 4:13. 

Also, there is another giant in you.  It is the person God made you to be.  I have heard it said that 'once you see the person God has called you to be, you will never be content with the person that you are'. So the giant within you that most needs to be stirred is the potential of who you are MEANT to be.  Like Goliath who stood before the army of Israel and taunted them for days on end, a single giant can have a massive impact.  

Think of the so-called "Giants of the Faith"...Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Gideon, David, Joseph, Daniel,  Elijah and so many others.  Each was one man who changed their culture and altered history.  In fact, one man (or woman) WITH God is always in the majority!  If one giant would rise up in every family...if one giant would rise up in every local church...if The Worldwide Church would rise up as the giant it is meant to be...what a world we would live in!!

It is not enough for me (or you) to stir the giant in each other...the giant must actually WAKE UP. 

It is not enough for the giant to wake needs to stand up and tower as the giant it is.  

It is not enough for the giant to stand up if it doesn't realize it is a giant.  Satan has us convinced that we are smaller, less effective, less powerful, and less significant than God has told us that we are.  

My message is that it is time to WAKE UP.  It is time to STAND UP.  It is time to open our eyes and to look in the mirror (of God's Word) and to recognize that God has made each of us for greatness.  We are His children and ambassadors and namesakes...of course, we are to be different and extremely influential. 

If you do not know Jesus as YOUR personal Lord and Savior, there is still time.  2 Peter 3:9 says that " God wills that NONE should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance."  Romans 10:9 says, "If you declare with your mouth,'Jesus is Lord' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." 

Let the One True God in and He will let the one true YOU out!