This message has been one of the foundational philosophies behind every venture of significance of mine for over the last 30 years...DON"T MISS THIS TEACHING!

To Live a Life that Matters

To Live a Life that Matters 

Being a Christian and a pastor, I have a perspective on this world that is not the status quo or mainstream.  I am not interested in being PC. I am very interested in being genuine and impactful.  Let me share with you a little bit of how I see my place in this world.  

I believe that the God of the Universe (in the form of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ) has taken up residence in me (as He does with ALL who call upon His name and accept and receive Him as Lord and Savior). It is my Christian perspective that tells me that this life is but a today and gone tomorrow.  My body is just a tent...a temporary vessel.  This world is like a foreign country to me.  My real home is waiting for me in heaven.  So I am IN this world, But not OF this world...just a stranger in a strange land. My "nationality" so to speak is Heaven.  My home awaits me there. But while I am here, I need to live according to the ways of the world. 

Jesus teaches in His first and most famous sermon (The Sermon on the Mount) that we are to be Light and Salt. Light illuminates.  It reveals what is hidden. Light helps us to be safe. It helps us to find our way through the darkness.  It is inviting and attractive.  People are drawn to light.  Light brings life. Everything is easier in the light. Light ushers in each new day.  Focused light ( a Laser beam) can perform surgery and heal and save lives.  We are to be Light.

Salt (in the day of this teaching of Jesus) was essential to life on many levels. Primarily it was used to preserve food.  Also, a small amount of salt can have a profound impact on the flavor of the food. Salt doesn't so much change the flavor of the food as it enhances and brings out the best of the flavor of the food.  Salt on wounds at first stings and might be unwelcome. But soon brings healing and comfort to those who are physically afflicted.  Salt has to touch the meat in order to preserve it, or enhance it or heal it.  Living in New England all my life has taught me a little more about salt as well.  Salt is put on walkways and roads.  It is a catalyst for change. It causes ice to melt and makes dangerous and slippery pathways safe and functional. Salt is our very versatile servant.  It is here to bless and to serve us.  We are to be Salt.

Because life is but a vapor and so fleeting, I live my life with urgency.  Years now feel like weeks and decades feel like months.  None of us know that we have tomorrow to make a be be Salt. As a child of God, I am very blessed. God is with me.  God is for me. God is in Me.  

My Mission...I am blessed to be a blessing.  And I am on a mission to leave my mark on a life that has left many marks on me.

I am determined to live a life that matters.

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