Fruit of a Faithful Life

Fruit of a Faithful Life 

Growing up in my school years, I always really loved music and what the words had to say to me.  To be clear, I was never in chorus, choir, glee club, a school play, or band while in school.  I never was taught about music or how to play an instrument in all of those years. (Beyond "Mary had a little Lamb" on a recorder...hehe.)

But as I listened to all kinds of music, I always paid close attention to the lyrics. Since my first year in school, I had been widely known as a pencil portrait artist.  I drew all the time. However, I have also always been a very creative, expressive, and articulate person. I loved writing short stories, poems, and even research papers.  I loved to put my point of view in writing. 

For the sake of avoiding much repetition, I tell the story of how I started writing songs HERE. But I will take this opportunity to elaborate a bit.  It is my belief that God unlocked (or unleashed) a gift within me that had been there all along.  He did this AFTER I accepted Him into my heart and life as my Lord and Savior.  It became a massive piece of who I am and how I related to God and to my fellow man.  And yet, it was not UNLOCKED in me until AFTER I gave my life to Him. 

Is it possible that there is a whole new chapter in your life waiting to be revealed and authored? And the only thing standing between you and it is your relationship (or lack of relationship) with God?

My music became a seemingly endless stream of creative expression.  I wrote 100 songs in my first (3) years of writing and nearly 400 songs to date. I have had some benchmarks along the way to encourage me to keep going.  I share my Music Bio right HERE.  Please check it out.  

Currently, I am wrapping up the final mixing (soon to be mastering) of a 13 song CD of original music called "REDGONEWHITE". Watch for release info on this site soon. The theme of the CD loosely tells the story of transformation from a godless and aimless person as a conversation ensues between them and God Himself.  By the end of the CD, this person is looking back on a life lived for God.