Welcome to David Anderson NOW

Personal Branding Website for David C. Anderson

Why did I build this site? 

There is SOOO much that I want to share with all of you and over the years, I have tried to communicate through social media and other websites about my passions and endeavors. I have been extremely blessed and fortunate in life.  I am honestly humbled and grateful for all that God has entrusted to me and allowed me to learn and to do.  

I decided it was time to create a platform that attempts to put all things David Anderson in one spot. If you don't know me, let me say to you that I have been blessed to be a blessing.  I do not take it lightly that God has been so kind to me.  If I can serve you or be a resource to you, it is my pleasure.  My life is very multifaceted and difficult to share directly with you so this is me letting you look under the hood so to speak.  

I will point to interests and experiences from my past as well as share with you what is developing right now and also where things are going. 

I will attempt to fit all of what I want to share with you into six categories.  They are as follows...My Mission, My Music, My Ministry, and My Portraits, My Projects, and My Partnerships. 

I hope that you are intrigued, entertained and inspired.   Maybe even challenged a bit.  

All I can say is help yourself to a taste of my little slice of the pie.

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