Spinning Many Plates

   Over the years I have always been someone trying to better myself and find a way for financial independence and also wanting to help as many people as I could along the way.  So what I am referring to as "projects", will (among other things) include business ventures that I am involved with.  Some of these are personal branding ...others may point to products or services that I personally use and benefit from.  Check out my Online Marketing Business Resource Blog right HERE

As I get them ready to share with you, I will let you know on this site how you can engage and check them out. You can have a taste of what I am speaking about HERE as I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel for David Anderson Networking Online Watchman. On this channel, I am and I offer you resources to help you grow YOUR business online. 

Within our global ministry Red Gone White Church we also have many building and service projects going on at any point in time as well.  I will use this portion of this site to also feature some of those projects as well.  For example, we recently completed the building of our second school and have two church building projects taking place as of the time of this writing. 

Musically, I have projects going on as well. I have a tab on this site dedicated to My Music. I may mention those projects here, but the details will be provided in the other tab.  For instance, I am wrapping up the mixing and mastering of a 13 song CD of original music.  You can hear rough versions of those songs HERE


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